Tsunami? Here in MA We Didn’t Even Get Our Feet Wet

November 3, 2010 fayem1

Dear Editor~

Tsunami, huh here in the Commonwealth we barely got our feet wet, Democrats aren’t enthusiastic, clearly that prediction was wrong. For all of the huffing and puffing the state wide delegation for the Republicans came up short. Not because the voters of MA will vote for anyone with a D behind their name any political person knows the truth here, no party has a majority.

We have to remember a lot of unenrolled voters helped the Democratic ticket to their success on Tuesday, what do the Republicans have to say to them? I would assume nothing since your guy Scott may need them in 2012. Folks who are paying attention always vote their best interest, and the other side never provided a plan that made them the better choice. Both sides made some mis-steps but we are all human and that’s what humans do, but only one statewide race even came close no matter how you spell it that is a statement.

Of course this morning all the talking heads on radio who claim to be Independent but are nothing more than PR shills for the Republican Party are eating crow. They were so confident in their hate speech they actually broadcasted from the House of Blues where Charlie Baker held his election night party. How do these people spell fair and balanced, not very well, but in hindsight using the House of Blue(s) wasn’t such a good idea.

So today they don’t want to talk about the smack down here in MA, they, who were so wrong think we should listen to them analyze the national races. Look, what happened last night has happened to every first term President going back to Regan. They may have more seats in the house, but it is not veto proof so now for the first time in two years they will have to work! OMG such a four letter word, but they can’t overturn healthcare so get over it stop looking back and figure out how to get America back to work, and end two wars that are draining our economy.

Or don’t and in two years the same people will happily turn the tide the other way.

Where are these new innovative ideas they claim they have been waiting to put into action? There was no Tsunami last night no rejection, no message just the hope by some that the party of “no” might roll up their sleeves and get the heck to work. If the projects are sound I am sure the Democrats will work with them.

However the people should have no patience for them wanting to go back and fight the civil war, move forward and get this country back on track.


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