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Does your green ever cover your black?

Black Rapper gets arrested and tested fails drug test goes back to prison even though he as a job has had other problems but no more or less than others.

White girl fails drug test on her umpteenth time in rehab and prison, thumbs her nose at authority while wearing ankle bracelet and when it goes off lies and says someone spilled a drink on it. Hasn’t taken any opportunity seriously. White girl gets caught with cocaine in her purse, LIES about it being her purse or coke even though she is known for stashing it in her vajajay when she travels and neither of them do any time, they are sick the black man is a criminal. I guess even when you have money that green isn’t enough to cover your black.

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Young voter Wall Street and Chamber have shown you what they think of your future

Young voters who turned out in 2008 but think two years is too long for a turn around need to be made to understand that fixing the mess the GOP has made for the last eight years can’t be done that quickly but gains have been made, and if they want change then they need to be part of that agenda and turn out and vote. Did you really think making President Obama the Commander-in-Chief was the last step to a change process, well it isn’t, it is the first step and they need to take the next one down the road so we can keep moving forward. What do you think would have happened to the civil rights movement if blacks stopped voting when something didn’t go their way? The country lost 65K jobs last month. In the last month of the Bush Presidency we were loosing half a million jobs a month, that is progress and if we return good people to the house we can finish the job.

If not then count on more tax cuts for the wealthy, which if you missed the NYT’s article yesterday went from making 19 million in 2008 to 519 million today. That is the top 74 wage earners making more combined than 19 million of the lowest wage earners and they don’t even want them to have health!

Young people if you think these GOP/tea baggers have your back you are delusional and need to check your facts. If you can’t find a job they are happy for you to be cannon fodder in their war, and then like Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts won’t even vote you a raise for risking your life so they can keep gays from serving. Is that what you care about? Is that the country you wanted to be part of building? I don’t think so, change goes to those who show up!
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