Black America Wake Up and Vote

October 14, 2010 fayem1

I have been complaining to everyone who will listen that sitting home because the choices aren’t perfect this mid-term is not the answer Democrats, but I have been especially frustrated by the black voter.

I was horrified when I turned on one of the President’s town hall meetings and saw a well dressed black woman rise and complain that she was “tired” of defending him. What!!! Shouldn’t you be tired of the people throwing mud unnecessarily! He shouldn’t have to be defended because no one in modern history has worked harder in that office, passed more legislation to help the middle class and he is having an honest and straight forward conversation with the public.

You should be proud of him, how did you think some segments of white America were going to treat the first black President?

I suggest to all of those out there who were up late election night drinking the champagne, singing we shall overcome and thinking quite incorrectly that this was some huge step towards ending racism in this country to seek some therapy because you are a little off course.

There are segments of this society who are racist and will go to their deaths being so, so let’s move on from that impossible dream and talk about something you can affect, the 2010 mid-term elections.

If I haven’t been eloquent enough or persuasive enough please pick up the current issue of Ebony and read Editor Kevin Chappell’s article on this subject, he has laid out the consequences clearly and perhaps with more patience than I can muster.

Please Black America stop letting Fixx News, Glen Beck and any other pundit Republican or Democrat (oh yes some of Clinton’s past advisors wondering if we miss him yet. Hell no we do not why would we choose the troubles of a philandering President over those of a decent family man and good husband. Whose choices down that road only caused him to make deals with a Republican house that have come back to bite us), take pride in this President he has earned it. This First Lady named by Forbes as the most powerful woman in the WORLD!

When is the last time a Democrat’s wife has been called that? Think JFK. We need to not only be the hope and change we are looking for, but we need to get a spine and along with that some clear vision. Why let others take anything away from our President? They have disrespected him, lied about the origins of his birth, maligned his wonderful and supportive wife, did everything they can to make his policies unsuccessful and therefore YOU unsuccessful as all of his efforts have been to help the struggling middle class.

To not vote on November 2, 2010 and make sure good house members are returned to DC makes you part of the problem, be part of the solution and prove everyone wrong, we can affect this election more than you did in 2008, so get just as dressed up, buy that bottle of champagne and help us celebrate a Democratic Victory!


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