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And the survey says!

Sex Survey is back and the world has changed, the youth who have grown up in the world of AIDS are using condoms and at a better rate than their senior counter parts.
We have had to deal with AIDS so why is using a condom not working with us older heart throbs? I suspect it is because most of us grew up in a time when not using them meant you just got pregnant at best, by today’s standards, maybe a dose of the clap. Embarrassing and uncomfortable but not fatal.

Then genital herpes came along and it was wiser to know your partner and try to be monogamous, AIDS should have been the bell weather to change our ways. The GLBT community although hit hard by AIDS has turned that around with education and now condoms are sexy. While at the DNC in 08 I was amazed by all of the colors and sizes being handed out by one group or another. Blue, hot pink large, some on sticks like lollipops others in cleaver packaging asking you to use it to protect yourself from Republicans.

I have to admit I am not a big fan, who brings them when you have an encounter, and if I as the woman decide to what will the guy think of me, stigmas do die hard. Then there is the purchase do you really need your twenty year old daughters best friend catching you purrusing the condom aisle, ugh!

The best part about the report, we are enjoying our sex lives more, people are having sex more often, they are experimenting and foreplay is no longer the butt of a joke.

In typical form however 85% of men say their last partner (and for the purpose of full disclosure this is female partners) had an orgasm during sex, while only 68% of the women said they had an orgasm the last time they had sex. Slight gap there that I am sure we can chalk that up to faking it or men just seeing what they want, but there is hope for us yet as human beings. Perhaps being good to one another in the bedroom will spread to being good to one another every where else, we can only hope.


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