BU Graduates

May 18, 2010 fayem1

Sunday morning I got up and dressed in casual clothes as the commencement ceremony was taking place outside on Nickerson Field. BU usually gets a rainy day for this event, they are famous for their ponchos they give out, but today it was white hats with BU emblazoned on it to protect us from the sun.

A light breeze blew over the field which pushed clouds around sometimes having us in the shade, some times in the light, but right on time.

I was there for my good friend Ramya, I can’t believe four years have passed so quickly and I am proud of her achievements, but I must say I was equally curious about AG Eric Holder.

His speech was surprisingly light and informative for the top cop of the land, and I would suggest to the administration that they get him out there a little more giving speeches he was riviting!

He reminded these lucky graduates that with their ivy league education came the responsibility of using it wisely, and to not worry about the dark days we struggle with, without the dark you can’t see the stars or find the light.

You can sit back and curse the darkness or you can rise above these times and make them your own.

Also the class of 1970 whose commencement was cancelled due to the killing at Kent State were also honored with a ceremony finally after 40 years needless to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


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