Boston Youth Have Issues with MBTA Police

May 12, 2010 fayem1

The headline in today’s Metro paper is “Boston Youth have Problems with MBTA Police Department”. The issue they have is with the racially charged language that has been used towards them, and the lack of respect used by these police officers when dealing with them under casual circumstances.

This is one of many reasons, the major one being it violates the 4th Amendment, I am not supportive of the AZ immigration law. Leaving totally in the hands of the police to deicde in the blink of an eye guilt or innocence goes against everything this country was founded on.

This is why the 4th Amendment is there to protect us from over zealous law enforcement. Are all police bad people, of course not but it is the few who would mis-use this power, and all studies have shown once given this absolute power even good well meaning people will abuse the privilege.

Immigration needs to be fixed there is no doubt about that, but this law is not that fix or solution and will lead I am convinced to a costly law suit at the end of the day.
Congress needs to make reform a priority not just because of illegal immigration but for the thousands legally coming to this country who languish for years waiting for their turn to take the oath.


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