Predictable Response from WTKK

May 7, 2010 fayem1

It was no shock to turn on the radio yesterday and hear the tea party station better known as WTTK, Sevrin and McPhee beating the same old drum. That anyone who doesn’t support AZ supports illegal aliens that is laughable, a great talking point from Fix News, well except for Beck (could the world be coming to an end!) but it ignores one of their supposed core principals as independent Libertarians .

The law is illegal on two fronts, one only the federal government can set immigration policy and no state can do that. Two this law violates the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, tell me it isn’t so tea party crowd I thought the Constitution was your new wholly grail. I guess the truth is as long as it is violated and impacts anyone but YOU then that is okay.

The first time you stop an American citizen and they refuse to show ID, and a driver’s license we all know is no proof of citizenship, what can the police officer really do? I am protected against illegal search and seizure by law enforcement, it is a Constitutional right, and I would suspect that when this happens to a citizen they will sue.

AZ is already in a fiscal free fall, suffering as most states do from this bad economy, finding a scapegoat when times are like this is an old ploy steeped in a very nasty history that I would think no one wants to revisit.

The co-author of this bill ( and I use that term since FAIR is taking credit for helping) is state senator Russell Pearce, who has been sanctioned in the past for sending neo-nazi emails to supporters. As I mentioned Kris Kobach a legal rep for Federalist for Americas Immigration Reform (FAIR) is closely associated with and often a co-rally sponsor with J.T. Ready ( see pictures of rallies and ones with senator Pearce a blogger for a racist myspace page where he writes under the tag line ” for whites, by whites”. This uh “gentleman” is also claiming to have helped with the structuring of this bill, so with all that being true or not really senator Pearces’ record is alarming enough why would I want this person controlling immigration policy?

There are true illegal immigration issues in this country and the federal government is long overdue in fixing the problems seriously, I have every confidence that this administration will do so while treating American citizens with respect in their own country.

However shame on WTKK for attacking the City Council and us without the facts, or perhaps they do have them and are comfortable with them, in that case I ask the citizens of this city. Is this really the kind of radio content that should be tolerated in a city as diverse as Boston?

Because AZ has become nostalgic for the racists practices of the sixties is WTKK intent on bringing that hate speech to Boston, and more importantly does Rush know what your up to? I am sure he sees that as his job.

You are entitled to free speech but that doesn’t mean you can yell fire in a crowded theater, encouraging people to support an initiative without all of the facts is no different. J T Ready nor Senator Pearce have to like me or my beautiful brown skin, but I can reject their efforts to govern me if I feel their ability to do so is clouded by their views and racists behavior.

McPhee intimates that we should just trust the police to do the right thing, I guess if I was a caucasian in this country out of habit I might feel the same, as a woman of color I do not. A quick read of today’s papers and the charging of a twenty four year veteran of the police force with assault shows that longevity doesn’t always breed wisdom.

So WTKK commentators if you don’t want you and your tea party set called racist, then be mindful what you support, remember what your mothers taught you “you are judged by the company you keep”. These folks in AZ have chosen their path and language not I, and if you choose to stand with them then you are subject to that kind of scrutiny.

Let’s all try to treat people the way you would want to be treated!


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